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  • Eilistraee Colorless Herbal Hair Conditioner 100g

    Eilistraee: Colorless Herbal Hair Conditioner is perfect for moonlight white hair, or for locks that could stand some herbal conditioning, but don’t want to have the color changed at all. You’ll find it leaves your hair with amazing shine and volume.


    Eilistraee, also referred to as “The Dark Maiden,” is a fictional deity in the Forgotten Realms. She is a goddess in the drow pantheon, and her portfolios are song, swordwork, hunting, the moon and beauty. She is worshipped by song and dance, if at all possible, in the surface world under the moonlit night among the woods. Eilistraee is represented by a drow female in the nude, dancing with a silver sword under the moon. Her hair is long, silver-white and often illuminated with moonlight. This herbal mix seeks to capture such a glow for your own tresses.


    Please note this mix CANNOT lighten your hair, only impart transparent tones to your natural color.


    One free pair of gloves per 100g purchased are included! Please select M or L at checkout.


    Amount Suggested

    henna amount

    How much you need will vary with the thickness of your hair generally you’ll need:

    • Shoulder Length: 50g
    • Bra Strap Length: 100g
    • Waist: 300g
    • Classic: 400g

    Instructions & Storage


    Instructions: All of our hair colors come with a full-color instructional brochure that you can also download here.


    1. In a bowl add the herbal powder. In a separate container heat distilled water until steaming but not boiling and add, mixing until you have a mud the consistency of pancake batter. Add a few drops of Essential Oil if you wish. Please research your EOs carefully.
    2. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and set someplace warm. Atop a warm electronic, such as a computer tower works well, or under a warm lamp. Mix occasionally, letting sit for at least 2-4 hours, and no more than 6.
    3. When ready to use, wash hair but do not condition (or condition very lightly). Section towel-dried hair and work the herbal mud into the hair, making sure not to miss spots. Carefully pile hair atop the head and cover with a shower cap or plastic wrap. Leave on for 2-6 hours, the longer you leave it on the deeper the conditioning benefits and the more colored tones that will be imparted.
    4. Rinse well with water. If you find rinsing difficult, try soaking your hair in the bathtub or a bucket first, or use a lots of a cheap silicone-free conditioner (like VO5) to aid rinsing.


    Storage: The powder can be stored in the freezer for well over a year, so long as it is kept in an airtight bag or container. The mud can be kept frozen for 6 months.

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    5 reviews for Eilistraee Colorless Herbal Hair Conditioner 100g

    1. Etsy Review

      This is a lovely conditioner. I mixed it with water only and didn’t use conditioner afterwards, but it still made my hair soft and shiny. It smells very green, and the nettles are noticeable, but there is a slight floral/fresh element that makes it not unpleasant. Much nicer than henna. I did not see any staining on my grey hairs.

    2. Etsy Review

      Shipped on excellent time! Did help strengthen hair a bit, ends seem “sturdier”. Usually, my scalp is very sensitive after shampooing, but this treatment definitely calmed it down. My hair is already very soft, so I can’t say whether or not it made it softer, but strength is a big plus in my fragile hair.

    3. Etsy Review

      This worked beautifully. Hair seemed a little rough after rinsing, but it turned out gloriously soft, shiny, and easy to comb once it dried. I will definitely order more.

    4. Etsy Review

      Amazing! Shipped unbelievably quickly and worked marvelously on my hair. Highly recommended.

    5. Etsy Review

      Made my fine hair feel fabulous after using. Thank you!

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