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  • Hinoki Hair Growth Support Signature Oil 1/2oz Sample

    Hinoki Hair Growth Support Signature Oil is a blend of natural oils and essential oils, backed by scientific studies, that influence hair growth. Please note that this oil does not cause hair growth for everyone, but promotes a healthy and stimulating environment at the scalp.


    • Base Oil: Avocado
    • Secondary Oils: Nettle-infused Fractionated Coconut Oil, Castor
    • Essential Oils: Hinoki, Petitgrain, Catnip, Red Thyme, Lavender, Birch
    • Aroma: Woodsy and herbal, hint of mint and citrus

    Application Instructions

    Intended for the scalp only. Use the dropper to apply tiny drops or fine lines of oil to the scalp and gently massage in with your fingers. Leave on at least two hours prior to washing.


    Trying to grow your hair faster?

    You’ll find all our growth-focused products in the Hair Growth Support Kit. Also, Rehabilitating Damaged Hair Naturally: A Guide has chapters focused on encouraging hair growth through proper nutrition, supplements, topical applications, and growth stimulating techniques.


    10| Growing Healthy Hair
    There are a few key things that can influence the rate at which your hair grows. Learn which things you can control, which things you can’t, and how to track your monthly growth.


    11| Lifestyle, hydration & nutrition
    Feed your body and your hair with proper nutrition, hydration, and healthy choices. Discover which nutrients are most important to hair and which foods contain them, across all diets.


    12| Topical applications
    Gels, creams, oils, essential oils and other serums can be applied to the scalp with the goal of stimulating growth. This section not only provides you with recipes, but also breaks down individual ingredients and their benefits so you can customize your treatments.


    13| Growth-stimulating techniques
    Treatments such as scalp massage, the inversion method, and acupressure not only encourage growth, they also allow you to expand your knowledge about what your hair and scalp respond best to, try something new, and empower you to be an active participant in your hair growth.

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    6 reviews for Hinoki Hair Growth Support Signature Oil 1/2oz Sample

    1. Etsy Review

      Love it, need a giant bottle of this. I have PCOS and my hair is thin, fine, dull, lifeless, the lengths and ends are damaged, I have a greasy scalp and excess sebum production which is causing breakage. On top of all this I have thinning on top like an old man. Basically my hair is a nightmare. This product is helping greatly with several of the issues above. Because my scalp is so greasy I have to clean it each morning, which is probably why the sebum is in overdrive. This oil is slowly alleviating the sebum and oily scalp. I apply this every night on my scalp and then when I wash it in the morning, it doesn’t go all dry and itchy at first and then thick with sebum like it did before. Breaking the cycle! Thank you so much NightBlooming! I would love if it made more hair grow also but already this stuff is gold! <3

    2. Etsy Review

      My girls are in love with your oils and this one is a new fave. We just got it so time will tell about the hair growth but it smells wonderful and leaves the hair super silky and soft. Let’s see how it works for the scalp. 🙂

    3. Etsy Review

      I rub this in before showering & it really soothes my scalp. After showering my hair feels soft but not greasy & my scalp continues to feel soothed hours later.

    4. Etsy Review

      I use this on my temples overnight since my hair is thinner there. The oil washes out easily and the scent is lovely.

    5. Etsy Review

      I haven’t used this long term so I don’t know if it’ll actually increase my hair growth BUT I liked the scent and consistency a lot, and it gave me a pleasant scalp tingling sensation.

    6. Etsy Review

      My scalp loves it! NightBlooming has always been quality!

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